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[Suggestion] New Hound Wave Format: Hound Shaman's Offering

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Hound Shaman is a treacherous and cruel NPC that looks like Pig King. It sometimes shows up to in place of regular hound waves in late game. The warning music is distinctive from regular hound waves.

Hound Shaman requests offering and will leave peacefully if he is satisfied.

More details


1. Hound Shaman cast illusions of himself to every eligible players requesting for offering. The illusion is not hostile but will distantly follow the players.

2. Each player can only see their corresponding illusions, but cannot see other players.

3. Each player can make offering to illusions the same way that Celestial Portal and Celestial Champion are upgraded.

4. The offering has a time limit of 2 days. During the two days, each illusion will summon 1 hound illusion every 2 to 4 minutes. When the 2 days limit expires, Hound Shaman will leave but hounds (regular? ice? fire? buffed?) will turn real and try to kill the corresponding players.

5. Upon entering cave, the corresponding Shaman will remain at the sinkhole. When the player exits from another cave, Shaman will teleport there too.



Offering is shared globally like Celestial Portal Upgrade. When one player gives one offering, every player's Shaman will receive it.

The offering generally tests the maturity of a late game establishment. The maturity is judged in 3 categories:

1. Food variety

2. Resources

3. Non-magical weapons or armors


Food offering maybe one of the following meat cooking: pierogi, honey ham, honey nugget, fish stick, bacon and egg, bunny stew. They are to test whether the world has basic food items such as fish, honey, egg, veggie, and ice. (I'm not sure if its proper to test the availability of leafy meat, frog legs, farming, figs, etc, so related recipes are not included here).


Resource offering is one of the following refined items in quantity: cut stones, ropes, boards, papyrus, doodads or nightmare fuel. The quantity is the same as the number of players who are follow by Hound Shaman. If there are 10 players who got the shaman illusion during this wave, 10 of those items will be needed globally.


Non-magical weapons or armors include 1 of the following: spear, hambat, boomerang, tooth trap, blow dart, log suit, grass suit, or football helmet. (It's a good time to get rid of low durability gears.)

Completing the quest will give you reward wrapped in gift wrap. The gift consists of 1 red gem and 1 blue gem, and has a low chance of containing a third gem of rare color (5% chance? or 1%?). Hound Shaman will also angrily slaughter the hound illusion summoned with a smile, in front of you, and the dead hounds drop monster meats. He will kindly assure you that you will meet again in the future, then disappear. If there is fire hound illusion, the gift may be dropped in the fire and get burnt and reveal its content, which is extra slot for carrying.

Failure to satisfy Hound Shaman will causes you trouble of hounds


That's the general idea, but I think my suggested offering is no where near perfect. It needs a lot more tuning and balancing. But the criteria is valid.


Failure of completing quests will leave you regular hounds wave, maybe with Shaman's blessing or something. So at worst, players don't lose anything.

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