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A little feedback from a random player

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Hello there, with the latest update as of this post, I have finally played the game seriously and now have an offline world well in summer with a very dead antlion. Performance seems a little better and kiting things such as treeguards or beefalos is now no biggie, but fighting anything with a tighter pattern like pigs is at best inconsistent in my opinion. Offline mode also makes it obvious it is not due to poor internet and comes from the game. Aside from that, I want to tell you that I am having a BLAST. I haven't seen other bugs as of now, caves are working well, and all the new content and mechanics that weren't in the base game are fresh and amazing. Maxwell with his genius quotes and the fact he is pretty much my main is the icing on the cake. Now someone told me a second update was incoming, don't know if it's true or if it was incorporated with the first, but while I hope klei will be able to optimize the game to near solo edition performance, I just want to give my feeling about the switch port : this is the good stuff.


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