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  1. True, on a RoG Hamlet compatible world, going to the caves ( at least for the first time) will either change the season or somehow advance the day count for the season cycle, I don’t know what exactly happens here, but the world does not seem to like that, birchnut trees for example stay in autumn mode, despite the fact it is technically winter. Hope this bug will not be too tough to fix, because such bugs seem to regularly pose an issue. Your game is great and probably the survival game I like the most.
  2. When I entered the caves for my first time, everything was good, but when I entered the ruins, the game crashed when WX fell on the ruins floor and I had to quit the game and reload, but it was spring and no longer autumn with permanent rain in caves. During the year only the dragonfly spawned and the beefalo mating cycle is not exactly when it should be. As WX, rain is also very annoying, and each time I try entering the ruins the crash happens again with all the problems. I hope you will find the little problem because it’s really annoying especially when you are a noob who just entered the ruins for ancient crafting. Sorry but I couldn’t take photos or videos, but everything is like I said. I must say that my first world didn’t have glommer so I used Maxwell’s wooden thing to go on a better world before entering the ruins.