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  1. I also noticed that sometimes after getting out of the ruins to the surface (via the caves of course) the game crashes. And that’s not all, when I go to the surface from the caves, a hound spawns in the following minutes ( it seems quite strange to me )
  2. I played on 3 different worlds and each time I enter the ruins, the game crash and when I load back, I am in but it is spring with rain in the caves, and it makes things a lot harder with sanity and wetness. Does people have the same bug as me ? And please Klei, if you see this post, check and fix it because the ruins were already hard enough without this bug. I already wrote a report on the bug tracker.
  3. When I entered the caves for my first time, everything was good, but when I entered the ruins, the game crashed when WX fell on the ruins floor and I had to quit the game and reload, but it was spring and no longer autumn with permanent rain in caves. During the year only the dragonfly spawned and the beefalo mating cycle is not exactly when it should be. As WX, rain is also very annoying, and each time I try entering the ruins the crash happens again with all the problems. I hope you will find the little problem because it’s really annoying especially when you are a noob who just entered the ruins for ancient crafting. Sorry but I couldn’t take photos or videos, but everything is like I said. I must say that my first world didn’t have glommer so I used Maxwell’s wooden thing to go on a better world before entering the ruins.