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hello I wanted to ask if it was possible to do one of the two things I'm about to exhibit or even both together?

1) Warly update introducing some more complex recipes such as the possibility of grinding potatoes to create potato powder for the puree. or grind the great turkish to make corn flour to create polenta.

2) would it be possible to introduce coin mechanics as in hamlet? I don't know by creating a new area of the world on a plateau or floating islands that can be reached later in the game. and that these new areas of the map have the biomes of Hamlet along with the city of pigs?

if it would be possible to put the city of pigs back I would also like to introduce the possibility of using Warly to create more complex recipes like in the gorge to make a kind of mini game to earn coins by creating a restaurant where the pigs arrive and ask for some dishes with a timer to fulfill their order.

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