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[Suggestion] Wormhole Redirection Without Changing Their Locations

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Definitely useful, could be OP, but then, what's even the point of them if they're not useful?

Definitely in favor of this, but I'd want a significantly involved method. Maybe the Antlion could get a new boss drop that could be combined with Amberosia and a Tusk (or something else) to craft a Worm Shepard's Staff or something similarly crazy, and having it equipped while traveling through two wormholes would rearrange them so that the two entrances you passed through became linked, as did the two exits.

To clarify, let's say A takes you to B, and C takes you to D. If you equip this Worm Shepard's Staff and go through A (exiting B), then D (exiting C), from that point until those wormholes are edited again via the staff, A would now be connected to D, and B would be connected to C.

Am I going too far again?

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I always thought it's a bait that attracts wormholes.

they follow you wherever you go (with a deep worm animation) and if you want him to stay in a specific place just drop the treat on the floor.

Then he will eat and settle there.

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