[Suggestion] Maxwell Rework Regarding Puppets: Phase Shifting

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Webber has Webby Whistle, Wendy has Abigail's Flower, here is my imagination for Maxwell's whistle for his puppets:

Shift puppets' phase in and out of shadow dimension by right click on Codex Umbra.

It's essentially just a whistle, but slightly different.


Phases' Detail


Shadow Puppets have 2 phases:

1. Shadow phase. Puppets in this phase cannot interact with real world. They cannot interact with trees or boulders, and they cannot interact with spiders or pigs. That also mean they are protected from the dangers in the Constant. But they can interact with other shadow creatures. Be careful, they smell delicious to some shadow creatures.

2. Constant phase. Puppets in this phase can interact with non-shadow entities like regular survivors. But they can also die like regular survivors in Constant. However, they won't be harmed by any creature from the shadow realm.



I don't know, one is dark shadow, and the other is light green ghost looking shadows?


Phase shifting and its implication


Phase shifting does 2 things:

1. The ability to pause puppets from their actions such as chopping trees.

2. The ability to allow them to kite during battles.

3. Healing puppets


Phase shifting happens immediately, but Maxwell has a 1 second animation which makes immobile and vulnerable during casting, just like animation of Wendy's whisper, or eating pierogies.

After phase shifting, puppets' aggro will be transferred directly to their owner.

Every time puppets enter a new dimension, they grow stronger and recover some lost hp.


Some kiting use cases:

1. Saving shadow chopper from toadstools' stomps

2. Saving duelists from aoe attacks of many bosses


Duelists remain weak against mobs in group. But it's much easier to save them in escalating situations.


Codex Umbra and its math


Codex Umbra's phase shifting ability has a cooldown, just like Wanda's backstep watch. The cooldown is 2 to 3 seconds. The time needed to shift phase from Shadow to Constant and back to Shadow is 4 to 6 seconds.

Shadow puppets now has 3 hp. Any attack landed on them will cost them 1 hp. But they recover 1 hp every time they shift phases. That means, they can recover from 1 hp to full hp after shifting from Shadow to Constant and then back to Shadow.

Codex Umbra now has durability. Each phase shifting cost 5% of durability, and can potentially recover 1 hp for all existing puppets.


Math regarding nightmare fuel

It can be refilled using nightmare fuel, each refilled 25% durability. That means 1 nightmare fuel can phase shifting 5 times, can recover 5 hp minimum if there is only 1 puppet. 5 hp is equivalent to 1.6 shadow puppets. Since each shadow puppets cost 2 nightmare fuel, 1 nightmare fuel used to refill Codex Umbra is equivalent to 3 nightmare fuel needed to craft new puppets.


Math regarding nightmare fuel farming

Assuming you use two duelists to farm nightmare fuel. Each duelist have 40 damage, 2 duelists 80 damage. I don't really know how the fight plays out. But assuming 2 duelists and 1 shadow creature hurt each other in turn, it will take 5 rounds to kill a terror beak. It only takes 3 rounds to kill a puppet. So in bad luck when all damage lands on the same puppets, 5 phase shifting is needed to kill a terror beak without the help of Maxwell. 5 phase shifts also can be refilled by one nightmare fuel. So after the whole thing, killing the hardest shadow creature using phase shifting will cost 1 nightmare fuel, and it will drop 1 to 2 nightmare fuel (in bad luck). it will be slow, but I think it's quite fair.

With Maxwell's participation, the efficiency will increase drastically.


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22 hours ago, goatt said:

Shift puppets' phase in and out of shadow dimension by right click on Codex Umbra.

This is very clever, a small way to improve shadows for a day to day. Should it cost some sanity to shift Shadows Realm?

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20 hours ago, Mr_Vol said:

Should it cost some sanity to shift Shadows Realm?

In my opinion, it shouldn't. Because each phase shift already costs 0.2 nightmare fuel. Plus it will be used frequently for kiting puppets, like Wanda's backstep watch. Adding a sanity cost will make it undesirable.

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