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I'm pretty new to making dedicated servers and I've been having this problem.

[00:00:07]: [Warning] Could not confirm port 10999 is open in the firewall.
[00:00:07]: [Shard] Shard server mode disabled: missing is_master setting.
[00:00:07]: [Shard] Missing 'is_master' config field.
[00:00:07]: [Error] Server failed to start!
[00:00:07]: Unhandled exception during server startup: RakNet UDP startup failed: SOCKET_PORT_ALREADY_IN_USE (5)
[00:00:07]: PushNetworkDisconnectEvent With Reason: "ID_DST_INITIALIZATION_FAILED", reset: false
[00:00:07]: Details: SOCKET_PORT_ALREADY_IN_USE
[00:00:09]: ... FilesExistAsyncThread complete

Anyone know how to fix it?

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It seems the port you've set your master Shard to listen to is already in use. Usually that happens if either your firewall really doesn't like the DST server, or, which is more likely, that you've configured your caves shard to run on the same port, which blocked the master server in return.

Make sure that the option "server_port =" in the [NETWORK] tab in your server.ini files is different for Master and Caves shards.

If they are different, and/or the issue persists, try changing them to something else, like 11000 and 11001 or something like that. Sometimes that helps when the Firewall blocks that one port.

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