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Need help making character mod, i'm very much new!

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Hello everyone! I've recently gotten into Don't Starve Together and I decided to make a mod of my character.



The only problem is, I can't figure out how to give him perks.

I want to have a few perks and some quirks, these specifically:

  • Gains a +30 hunger and +5 sanity from eating seeds (He is a hamster)
  • Has night vision and is nocturnal (Does not lose sanity at night)
  • Animals like rabbits, crabbits, or ones who naturally run away from the player aren't scared of him

If anyone could help me with this it'd be greatly appreciated! I tried to select pretty simple perks!
I also don't know where to place them because when I tried to place a code for night vision (from a probably outdated thread) it had crashed! Thank you so much if anyone is willing to help!

I've included the script file if anyone wants to have a crack at adding the perks or helping out ^^ Thank you!


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All of these perks are pretty common and popular.

When in doubt best to look at either how vanilla characters do it or other character mods. You can probably search the steam workshop and easily find how to implement night vision.

But removing the scarytoprey tag I think that is what its called should be the easiest way to prevent rabbits from running from you.

Similarly all the vanilla cast has a favourite food mechanic which boosts the stats the specific food provides when consumed. You can do the same for seeds.

Happy modding

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