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[mod request] Attribute Gate / Automatically set door restrictions based on attributes

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blakemw    267

I've long desired a feature that is like door restrictions but instead of limiting Duplicants based on the specific Duplicant, it limits them based on an attribute of the Duplicant.

Three concrete examples: limiting access to the Atmo Suit docks to Duplicants with at least +6 Athletics. Or limiting access to the Metal Refinery to Dupes with at least +10 Machinery. Or limiting the hamster wheel gym to dupes with less than 10 Athletics.

At first glance this might seem difficult to implement, but at second glance I don't think it would be, in fact it would even be technically a strict QoL mod. How so? Because Attribute Gate could be implemented such that all it does is automatically set the Door Restrictions.

I absolutely could pause the game, go to the doors, and set the restrictions so that only Dupes with the proper attributes are allowed through. Unpause and continue. Pause again when a Dupe gains an attribute. A mod could do exactly that, just automatically.

Although a special Attribute Gate building, which internally would probably use door restrictions to avoid having to mess with pathfinder code, would also serve the purpose.

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