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Suggestion for UI/Crafting change.

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So, when typing in the crafting UI search bar, the keybinds activate. I'm not trying to turn my camera when I'm typing up a recipe name, for example. This isn't too big of a deal in vanilla, but with mods that need keybinds, the problem gets out of hand fast. Pretty soon, I'm trying to figure out exactly which mod I messed with, and how to fix it. The same also applies when typing in console command or in chat.

What I'm wondering is, would it be practical for Klei to introduce a change where keys hit when typing in the search box of the crafting UI don't activate their respective actions?

If there's an obvious solution, or if this is a confirmed bug, please let me know so I can take this down and free up the forum space.

Edit: Didn't know I couldn't take down my own post.

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