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Don't starve's sound track

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So... after listening to ( and watching ) the wonderful Wx-78 animation for the rework, I thought to myself "I love all of this". The animation itself, great, story telling, fantastic, and the ending was spectacular. However... I wish that there was a good way to listen to some of these tracks, or if there is a more extended or separated score, to be able to listen to that as well. 

Now a while back I had purchased the sound track for Don't starve on steam, and as time has gone on, it seems that more tracks have been added with time ( which I am incredibly thankful for ) with the most recent one being "The Monster Marsh" for wurt's trailer. 

Question is, is there a way for us to purchase some of the more recent tracks used? Or could we expect to see some of those tracks make their way over to the to the sound track on steam? I would love to know since I genuinely love all the music used for Dst, and I would personally love to play Wx-78 with their track playing in the back.

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