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Update (Xbox One - released April 28, 2022)

After the wiring to their long-unused empathy module is repaired, WX-78 finds themselves suddenly reconnecting with memories they’d hoped to keep buried.

WX-78 Changes

  • WX-78 has been refreshed. Key changes:
    • WX-78 can create circuits that can be installed to unlock special abilities.
    • WX-78 can unplug their circuits by utilizing a Circuit Extractor. Unfortunately, this means losing any charge that the circuits were taking up!
    • WX-78 learns how to construct circuits by scanning organics with their Bio Scanalyzer.
    • The Bio Scanalyzer also produces Bio Data, which is used to create circuits, alongside material from the scanned organic.
    • WX-78's circuits are powered by their electrical charge meter. The meter restores itself over time, and can also be restored by other means.
    • WX-78 loses electrical charge and health when they get too wet.
    • WX-78 also loses electricity when they are starving, and when they become frozen.
    • WX-78 can eat gears to regain health, sanity, and hunger. If WX-78 dies, they will drop some of the gears that they have eaten.
    • Clockworks are less aggressive towards WX-78.
  • Wurt improvements:
    • Improved the Merm King's rewards and survivability.
    • Improved Merm behavior while loyal to Wurt.
    • Wurt now gains sanity while wearing the Seawreath and loses sanity while wearing the Garland.
    • Frogs are now neutral to Merms.
    • Improved hat location on Wurt.
  • Fireflies will now escape from the Pumpkin Lantern when it rots.
  • Improved Wormwood's Bramble Husk.
  • Fixed a bug where objects would not spawn in the ruins. This also fixes a small save/load window where the Atrium would fail to respawn the items in the ruins.
  • Reverted the recent changes around mounting and waking up Beefalo.
  • Fixed the loot dropped from the Ice Bream.
  • Adjusted the fish selection weights in the Waterlogged biome and the Fallounder during Autumn.
  • Wood Gates and Hollow Stumps can now be extinguished while smoldering but can no longer be used while smoldering or burning.

New Skins!


WX-78 Deluxe Wardrobe ($10.99 usd).
This Deluxe Wardrobe contains WX-78's complete set of Guest of Honor, Roseate, Survivor, Triumphant, and Experimental skin items.

Experimental Chest ($3.99 usd)
This Experimental Chest contains the following belongings skin items: Electrified Lantern, Experimental Energy Siphon, and Experimentation Apparatus.

New Twitch Drops!


We're offering a new set of streaming drops over on Twitch.tv. Check out this post for details.

Shared Unlocks Now Available

dst switch promo sharing feature_EN.png

We have made shared unlocks now available for Xbox, Steam and Nintendo Switch and WeGame. 

For more information see our support post here.

Note to Nintendo Switch Players

We have an update coming out for you soon that will address some performance issues. We're also working on additional updates that will catch Nintendo Switch up a bit closer with the other platforms.
We will have more information for you as soon as it's available.

Have some points!

Hey look, points. We like points. Here, have some. On me

And that's all for now. 
I don't have information about the next update quite yet, but we do have something exciting to announce. We are currently in the process of making skins and unlocks available to players while playing offline on Nintendo Switch. We're investigating this for additional platforms as well. More details on how that will work will come at a later time. 

Thanks again everybody and have fun out there!

Check out the original forum post for more details! 

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