QOL for Produce Scale and Fish Scale-O-Matic

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Produce Scale should give sanity when you put heavy produce on it the heavier the produce the more sanity you would get.

You should be able to take the product off the Produce Scale at any moment.

Fish Scale-O-Matic should give you a sanity aura to Wurt when she is near it.

You should be able to feed fish in Fish Scale-O-Matic food, and fish food would make the fish effect much stronger for a certain about of time.

There should be a book about fish telling you how rare the fish is, what they usually weigh, where can you find them, and what season is the fish available in.

Fish should have an effect around them, Popper fish give popcorn more stats, Fallounder make you dry faster, Runty Guppy slowdown hunger when it is below 50%, Needlenosed Squirt attack faster, Bitty Baitfish attract foe, Smolt Fry make light/fire last longer, Bloomfin Tuna grow flower around it, Scorching Sunfish provide heat, Spittlefish help put the fire out, Mudfish make Suspicious Dirt Pile spawn more often, Deep Bass spawn bird near it, Dandy Lionfish provide range damage to enemies, Black Catfish make enemies less likely to attack it and thing near it, Corn Cod make random planted seed into corn seed and if you feed it seeds the seeds will turn to corn seed, Ice Bream provide cold, Sweetish Fish bee makes more honey, Normal fish give sanity, Eel can survive and attract lighting, Wobster provide melee damage, Lunar Wobster provide Moon Shard every 2 days.

Fish in Fish Scale-O-Matic can die if you don't feed them and don't refill the water in Fish Scale-O-Matic.

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5 minutes ago, Castiliano said:

Wy gain sanity using scales?

Btw, the fishbook as part of the compendium is a great idea, i'm waiting for this for a long time! :wilson_angelic:

When you do something impressive like growing a giant tomato and show it to the world you feel amazing and I think it give the scale a actual use.

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