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[Poll] What direction would you like to go in WX's rework?

What changes would you prefer?  

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  1. 1. If you could choose which direction the rework should go which one would you prefer?

    • Current state is good enough (no changes needed).
    • No additional Drawbacks but more slots.
    • No additional Drawbacks but better circuits.
    • Additional Drawbacks but more slots.
    • Additional Drawbacks but better circuits.
    • Additional Drawbacks (no change in slots or circuits)
    • None of these. (changes are needed but none of these appeal to you)

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I'm getting conflicting opinions on what people want from this rework, some people think he needs a better drawback, some think he needs more slots/ better circuits etc. I thought about placing a "both" option but I wanted to see which one people would prefer if given the choice.

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I think there should be more drawbacks like a better water downside, a new rust mechanic that somehow effects the charge bar negatively (rust could speed up with water), and reduced base stats.

All those drawbacks in exchange for atleast one more charge slot, charge regen buff, removing circuits individually, a way to gain charge on the go (like a charged doodad you can eat to gain charge), Circuit buffs like for chorus box and Dronemaster, etc. Atleast one more circuit thats a one pin hunger module that just gives +50 hunger.


I guess this is all the matter of opinion, its just what I think would be nice, and i know a few others who would like these changes aswell.

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