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Wx-Battery ideas

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Just came to me whilst I was testing and playing, the concept of a battery has probably been thrown around a bit, but what would the batteries be made of?

I had a couple ideas:

1) Simple potato battery - just seemed funny more than anything, perhaps a potential portal 2 reference from Maxwell when examining it, not much thought into it beyond that on my part though. Just seemed cool.

2) Volt-goat-ery - these probably should use volt-milk instead of the horns since the drop rates are low as is, perhaps this battery would contain more charge or just be another option in terms of charging up, perhaps you could hook up these batteries to things like lightning rods or perhaps up to wx himself when he is full charge so he can runoff power into the battery like a reserve.

3) "stat"-ery - a battery that would drain a stat to give you power, more of a converter but it could be interesting, sacrificing sanity, hp or hunger to get more power. The names are just silly concepts more than anything, just trying to throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks best.

I would love any addition to the angry evil automaton, I just would like his rework to offer him more depth in terms of gameplay. Now not everyone is going to be a complicated character, but its nice to have things that keep the player engaged.

I love warly's encouragement to diversify his food, wormwoods focus on alternative healing and I always loved hoarding valuables in hamlet and as woodlegs.

All these characters changed the way I play, I love messing with different foods, using healing I never considered before, and using my perks to explore in interesting ways, even when im not these characters.  

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I had the idea of charging electric doodads on charge stations. The charge would decay like spoilage and revert back to a normal doodad.

Benifit of it being doodads is that it doesn't further clutter WX's craftables. Another benifit is that any player could make charged doodads, and it could become a new crafting material for future crafts.

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