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WX78 Overall Thoughts

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The last few days I have had a blast playing as the new WX78. I think almost every circuit has its own use that makes them feel like a great adaptable character, however, I do believe some still have to be tweaked. I believe that the circuits crafted with boss items, ie: gastroexpansion and dronemaster, should be either repairable with minor items, ie: slurper pelts for gastro and honey for dronemaster, or made from non boss items. I feel that this locks them behind a much bigger wall of lategame use where it will take far to long to get multiple (particularly gastroexpansion) and one will either never want to take them off (which makes them less adaptable), or they will not use them until they have multiple. Their benefits do not feel like this kind of play should be necessary.

I also feel as though the light module should be tuned down to either less slots, or completely replaced. Their stats should also be set to 100 base once more but with some additional slots to compensate. This would give them a better feeling of the adaptable min/maxing character I believe this rework best suits.

While I have a few minor complaints for tweaking I do feel as though I should be giving more praise to the developers on this one. I think the idea of changing his upgrading playstyle fits so much better as an interchangeably adaptable character. I love the ability to choose which stats I want to min max, and I like the heightened threat of water. 

These are just my opinions. But I believe this is most certainly one of the best reworks they've done and I am very excited for their full release.

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