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Scale Growth Should Consume Some Hydrogen

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I think dreckos and glossy dreckos will regrow scales in any positive gas pressure?  It seems a bit silly that one can put dreckos in a liquid locked hydrogen room and have them regrow scales indefinitely.  The liquid locked room is nice, it keeps things organized.  But the cost of growing scales is just time shearing and shipping eggs into there.

There's also the issue that some players have a whole lot of hydrogen from the their oxygen production system.  They can use it for other things, but burning it with a hydrogen generator or dumping it into "infinite" gas storage or venting it to space seems more likely.  Dreckos, perhaps only domesticated dreckos, consuming some hydrogen would motivate another use of hydrogen.  This might make getting hydrogen rockets up more challenging, or it might involve more of a choice in how much ranches dreckos vs. how much one uses hydrogen for other purposes. 

Thoughts?  Disagreements?

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Either they should consume hydrogen or being hungry should stunt/slow their scale growth similar to how plug slugs react to not being fed (and slugs eat an unrenewable resource unlike dreckos). Generally i feel like not fed critters shouldn`t be efficient in producing anything even meat (they should givw 25% or less than the regular value).

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