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Rocket crew settings on landing?

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I'm having a small issue:  Every time one of my rocket lands, the crew setting is automatically set to 'all.'  This moderately annoying, as I have to baby sit every landing to make sure I set it back to crew, lest my dupes charge out into 1500C steam and get cooked.

Is there any way (mod, or otherwise) I can have that setting NOT change upon landing?  Thanks in advance!

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I seldom use Crew Settings to lock them inside the module. So not sure if my suggestions will help.

Usually I will use gas sensor (maybe combined with rocket platform and space scanner automation) to lock the door to home. Add a delay to unlock the doors and they can come back inside the base. I don't remember the detail setup because when everything goes fine you don't have to change them.


Most of the time I have dupes wearing atmo suits outside base and spacefarer. But sometimes I will get scalded warning when dupe lands in outer asteroids and try to deliver the oxidizers. Perhaps in the late game some miscalculations made them go outside without the suits?

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