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(Anti)Gravity tiles

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If build in corner, dupe can step on it and rotate.
Should be built on top of any (solid) tile.
Overlays on existing tile texture.
When dupe jumps/steps off, gravity changes to normal.
If has multiple sides enclosed, dupe can both step off and rotate.

Addition to Space stations:
    Stepping on a gravity tile there changes gravity permanently, allowing jumping/stepping off, until stepping on another.

    Now water/gas mechanics needed

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Would be useful if you want to make a room higher than 4 tiles for example. Also, I want to combine this with rotation of objects. That combination allows a bit more creativity. Also, gas/water. Imaging your whole colony has very small risk of flooding, etc..

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1 hour ago, calibayzone said:

We already have critter traps however. Glue tiles would be a late-game element that frees us from gravity (at the cost of -50% runspeed, but still useful for small, tight spaces).

Also, there could be a small chance to source a "magnet" from a space destination, allowing to make these blocks at 100% runspeed, if extremely needed.


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