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Ferris's Stories

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I always like writing stories in my past-time and I would like to write Don't Starve fan stories for people to see. I would love to hear feedback and with some feedback I can get better and know what to do and what not to do. Enjoy!



As I woke up, I saw a man hovering over me, he then disappeared into the ground, leaving a poof of dust. As he did it I simply mumbled "I hate that guy." and then I realized how uncomfortable I was. I got up off my back and my whole body was aching, I look down and see I was laying down on hard dirt. I rub my eyes and look around at my surroundings. I was in... The middle of some sort of forest, there were no oak trees or maple trees, only evergreens. I then look over to see a field of beehives, some looked unusual and had wasps instead of bees. I then realize how hungry I was. I go over to a nearby berry bush, the berries didn't look poisonous. I picked some but then as I was picking some turkey-like creature popped out of the bush! I jumped and landed on my bum. I got up, feeling even more aching then ever. I eat the berries like an animal, I was acting more hungry then I was. I wipe the berry juice off my lips, and head off. I realize it was the middle of the day, and I should get resources to start a fire. I gather some flint and take the twigs off of a young sapling. I wrap a bendy part of the stick around the flint to make an axe.I chop down an evergreen for some wood. I then cut some grass and use it to start a fire. It then gets dark. As it's dark I pick some nearby berries and roast them on a fire. I then eat them with manners, not making a mess everywhere. As it turns to morning I decided to explore the land. I go through the large forest nearby my fire and the forest then led to a savanna. I spotted bison-like animals wandering the fields. They didn't do much, but they took caution as I walked through the herd. I then saw one animal dropped manure, which was very disgusting. I pass by the herd with my fingers plugging my nose. I then starting to get hungry again, I was afraid to anger the bison-like animals and there were no carrots or berry bushes around. My stomach began aching, I needed to go on, to look for food, I tried catching that turkey-like thing but it kept running away. It then turned to dusk and some green mushrooms sprouted, I didn't care what would happen, I just needed to eat! I took a huge bite out of the cap, it tasted funky, I expected it too. I throw the rest of the cap on the ground, I then sit on the ground, my head is hurting really bad now. It aches so much. I just saw something on the corner of my eye, it looked like a snake. "Aaaagh!" I yell out loud. I look around, I'm hearing whispering, why did I eat that mushroom! I breath heavily for a minute or two, I then begin to breath normally, I... see... things staring at me, one is hairy and is crawling, a crawling horror, another is tall and has a beak... Terrorbeak... "A Crawling Horror, and a Terrorbeak..." I say out loud. I begin laughing, they're so funny looking! Just look at them! Now they're crawling towards me! "Hahahahaha!" they began biting me, gnawing on my flesh, it hurts, but I like the pain. It feels... good... I went to sleep on the hard floor, I like being uncomfortable now, my personality is changing, and I like this change, it's for the best.

I wake up to see the monsters gone, they were my friends, now I'm alone... no one around... "I'm all... alone..." I say out loud. I see..a a bone in the distance. It has a goofy little eye ball on it! it's a weird little dog toy! I wanna keep it! I go over to grab it, but went I pick it up I hear something coming towards me. I look behind myself, "I'm going to diiieeeee!" I yell and then I begin laughing, it seems like a funny thing, death. Someone is just saying his last words then he does a face and doesn't move forever! Death is just embarrassing! I blush as I see something shaking in the bushes, I hope I look good! I then see a dog, demon thing pop out. It doesn't look dangerous. I grab a stick and poke it. I poke it like there's no tomorrow! I throw the stick away and then I realize it looks like a chest. I throw my flint inside it. It's eyeball is on the bone! How unique! It's so adorable! It wants to be my friend! my only friend! "Hello, friend!" I yell to it. It doesn't have ears, silly billy! It only looks at the bone, but I know it loves me, everything loves me! Everything just hates me! Everything looks at me with dread! "Hahahahahahaha!" I laugh at my mixed feelings. It's getting late, Charlie is coming! He nibbles at me when it's dark! I need light! I make a fire, and friend sits and goes to bed. It's tired. I wanna just watch it sleep, it's so adorable. My only friend, he's my only friend... only friend... Only friend...

I look at the sky and see the Sun is up, I like staring at the Sun. I stare the Eye Bone into the Sun, the eye keeps it's eye closed. Silly bone! I go to a spider den and awaken the spiders. I let them bite my legs as I squash them with my Axe. They spew out their silk and I make a Top Hot for friend! He's so cute in the hat... Only friend... Only friend...

He's the only one who cares for me, you may not see it, but he loves me, I know he loves me, I know everything, ever since I ate that mushroom cap, I know everything, I watch you when you sleep, but I don't watch you in your sleep, It's an expression, I don't know what it means, how do I know? I don't know everything, god does. I'm a atheist! God doesn't exist! Yes he does! Why do you argue with me friend? Your not my friend! Yes you are! My mind is racing like a tornado. A vortex... A swirling vortex, who am I? I'm Wilson, Wilson P. Higgsbury, and my friend's name is friend! He will be called Chester! He's a chest! Otto Von Chesterfield! Silly silly name! I make the best names! Friend... Only friend...

I feel like if I didn't have my friend I would be insane! I'm as sane as I can be! I'm perfectly fine! The diet of green mushrooms is working perfectly! Sure, the biting hurts, but it's fine! It's fine. Only friend... Only friend...

My friend loves me... He will never leave me... Only friend... Only friend...

I gave friend a new hat! He looks cute in those earmuffs, I don't care about the rabbits, I only care about friend... Only... Friend...

It's getting late. The snow stopped falling. Good, I hate the color white! And I hate black, and I also hate white! I'm more of a gray guy. Friend is so cute when she sleeps... look at him... Don't look at him! He's my friend! Mine! He's only my friend! The sun is gone now... Who needs the Sun, the only warmth I need, is the warmth of friendship, friend loves me, friend hates me, friend is fiend, friend cares... friend... friend... The fire feels good, I don't care if it's too hot, I don't care if it's spreading to the pointy trees, I don't care if the whole forest is on fire, I don't care if friend is on fire, I don't care. I don't care about anything. "FRIEND!" I shout. I need water, where's a pond? He's roasting on an open fire! I laugh at my joke. I then try throwing snow at Chester but it's too hot. He soon turns to ashes. Friend is gone... I sob.... I sob even louder... Then I laugh, his death was embarrassing! I then sob again... I lost my friend... Only friend...

Day arrives, I don't want to see the day, I don't want to be without friend, I don't want to be alone anymore. I want to be happy, not sad. I can't laugh anymore... I can only cry... I lost him... I lost Otto Von Chesterfield... I still have his bone... His dog toy... A memory. I hug the bone. I cry on the bone. The eye won't open. It's resting... I grab some grass for rope, and make a stand with some wood. I want to be with friend... If I tie the rope in a loop like... this... and stand on the stand. I laugh, "Stand on the stand." I say out loud. I stop laughing and start sobbing again. I then make sure the rope is firm. I then decide to go through with it... I will see Chester again, I will see friend again... Friend... Only Friend...


"So why do you want this... thing built again?" the Tinkerer asked the dapper man.

"I have told you, it is for tests." he replied.

The Tinkerer then turned to the man. "What are the tests?" he shouted. He only got the answer "It is for tests." all this time he was making the automaton.

"Survival tests, see how people, or robots, in this case, can survive in a special... wilderness." the man replied to the Tinkerer.

"To make it safe or something?" The Tinkerer asked.

"Yes..." the man replied.

"If it was opposite day..." the man snickered quietly to himself.

The Tinkerer looks at the automaton's blueprints and finishes the automaton's head, it's eyes were pitch black, and it was made of an unknown material that the dapper man gave to him.

"Can you hand me the screw-driver?" the Tinkerer asked.

"I'm the customer, not your apprentice."

The Tinkerer sighed and went all the way to reach the screw-driver himself.

The dapper man then takes out a list he checks over, the tinkerer leans to see what it is and what it says. The man then puts it away behind him. "Do you mind?" The man asks the tinkerer. All the tinkerer saw was a bunch of W's, he must have a list in alphabetical order. The Tinkerer screws on the arm of the automaton. "Can you go any slower?" the dapper man complains. "It takes time to make a masterpiece. The tinkerer tightens the robot's optical sensors. He opens the automaton's chest and works on the empathy module. "What are you doing with it's heart?" the dapper man asks. "Adding the Empathy Module, for emotions." the tinkerer says.

After adding all the gears and wires, the Tinkerer begins polishing the automation. "No need, it will get dirty in the wilderness." the dapper man said. The tinkerer stops polishing and add's a turn on function into the automaton's CPU. "The automaton can be turned on by a phrase, what do you want it to be?" The tinkerer asks, he holds a microphone to the man's mouth. The dapper man then thinks and then he speaks out: "Say pal, you don't look so good, you should find something to eat before the night comes!" the tinkerer is confused by this, but he shrugs it off. "Finished." the tinkerer states. He hands the automaton to the dapper man. The dapper man then walks out of the Tinkerer's workshop. "Your welcome?" the tinkerer then sits down at his desk and works on another project.

As the dapper man leaves, he opens up the automaton's chest and smashes the empathy module. The dapper man also snatched the automaton's blueprints, he grabs some graphite on the ground and crosses an X onto the heart in the blueprints. The dapper man then vanishes into the ground, leaving a poof of dust, he is never seen at the workshop again, or, the planet again.

Please give me honest feedback on my stories, and also, how do you make a sentence a spoiler? Comment below!

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