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Deconstructable Mini-pod and Printables Notifications

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Allow the Mini-pod to be deconstructed after it has been placed.

Often you'd want to move it.

Would be nice if the regular printing pod could also be deconstructed.

Also when clicking the new printables notification it should goto the pod on the current planetoid and leave the planetoid until you click it again.

Also right-clicking the notification should just open the menu like it used to do when you just left-clicked it, without moving the camera to the pod.

And lastly having a dropdown in the printables menu to select which pod you want the print to come out of, instead of having to open the menu, find out you'd actually want the print to come out on a different planetoid, close the menu, goto that planetoid and open the menu to print it.
There's alot of places in the GUI that's inefficient and lacking when it comes to dealing with multiple planetoids.

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On 3/16/2022 at 8:30 AM, calibayzone said:

If you melt it (in ONI you ALWAYS think about melting points), can you rebuild it somewhere else? I think granite has the lowest melting point of "raw minerals" at 669C. Or is the pod gone forever?

I just melted a oil well so i guess you could.

Tho if you place a blueprint of a mini-pod, then place another blueprint, you could have multiple mini-pods on one planetoid, dunno why you'd do that but looks like you can.

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