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Hello guys!! So, I’ve been wanting to share these arts I made some time ago! I’m a big fan of Don’t Starve, so one day I had the idea of making some OC’s for the game.


The one with curly hair is Watson. I know his body type doesn’t fit the game’s art style, but since it was just for fun, I wanted to make a character with a body that wasn’t slim. He would be somewhat strong and have a gameplay based on his allergy to pollen, which would make him sneeze from time to time interrupting his actions and making him lose sanity. I didn’t decide all the craftables, pros and cons but I like the idea of him being able to craft a mask type of thing that would help him with his allergy and would protect players from spores.


Stats: 175-HP   150-Hunger   175-Sanity



And then we have Wellington, the other, grimmer, character. I didn’t think of his abilities all through, but once I had this idea of him being a hypnotist, being able to befriend mobs with a watch or something haha. So what do you guys think?

125-HP   150-Hunger   225-Sanity

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This is lovely! Although I like them both, I have to admit that I can see your "Wellington" as a real DST character in the game! You really captured the spirit of the game with this one. And he really has a tim-burton-ish air to him, so that the Edward Scissorhands outfit you made fit him perfectly. I would love see more of him hahaha

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I absolutely love these two!! I love the design of Watson, he looks pretty friendly, and the allergy to pollen is very cool for ingame, reminds me a bit of both Woodie and hamlet. I also really love both the design and the power for Wellington, a hypnotist is a very interesting concept and honestly sounds like it could work very well ingame. I would love to see more of these two sometime, very great art! :wilson_dorky:

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