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[Mod request]Limit loading range of object npcs,people

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Hello fellow starvers i was wondering if it was possible to make  a mod that would alter the rendering range of the server so the server has less stuff too render around the player which would in return increase the performance of the server having to send less data too the client and the client rendering less stuff as you can see in the first picture it loads trees very far from the player you can only see this with zoom+


but in reality you only see a small partion without the mod something like the 2nd picture.


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Okay i see another question then, If someone made a mod that would stop the time of the server like this one https://github.com/donmor/libTimeStopper-mod-dst and made it so that everything is frozen except a area around the players where the mobs would go about naturally would that improve the performance of the server or not or does dst already have a system for this kind of thing already?

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you can go to game settings and enable "notebook mode", this helps to improve player lag as it limits the rendering distance. For the server, there are several ways to make it run better, when creating the world in the regrowth part, you leave only the flowers and carrots to be reborn, the rest can be disabled, this prevents several things from being born as the days go by . I also advise you to create a small world if you are going to host the world on your own computer!!

OBS: If you are going to play alone there is a mod that pauses the cave and the surface, if you go to the cave it pauses the surface, if you go back to the surface it pauses the cave, this also improves the performance of your world, but it only works if you are going to play alone.

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