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Strident Trident Rework Idea

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Basically an extension of the comment I made in the recent thread talking about crab king. Not really made with balance in mind, since 1. its a pve game, things can be allowed to be overpowered, and 2. op stuff is more fun.

Trident Changes: The trident is now unbreakable, and has one empty socket. Socketing a gem into the trident gives it unique effects, and will replace the  trident's geyser spell with a new spell unique to the gem socketed.

Gem Changes:

Red gem: Every couple of this, heals you for a small amount of health, similar to the bat bat but without sanity loss. When you use the right click function, unstoppable (cant be interrupted by taking damage) summon a shock wave surrounding your character, healing allies while damaging and knocking back foes.

Blue gem: Afflict hit enemies with a freezing debuff, making them take damage similar to how players do when they freeze, but higher damage to compensate for mobs having more health. This damage scales up the longer an enemy is afflicted by the debuff. Right clicking will freeze a patch of water, allows creatures to walk across without the need of a boat. This ice will break after a period of time, causing anything on it (including you) to fall into the ocean.

Purple gem: Every couple of hits, summon a small shadow creature who bites whatever you are attacking for additional damage. The shadow creature cannot hit and always appears after a set amount of hits. Right clicking will summon a pool of shadows at the targeted location, lashing out at every entity besides the player who summoned them, executing mobs who fall below 15% hp, dragging them into the pool and spitting out their drops, along with some nightmare fuel (for visual reference, think the flailing void tentacles in hollow knight, but with more range).

Yellow gem: Every couple of hits, enemies are shocked, dealing no damage but stunning them briefly. Right click summons a lightning strike dealing increased damage compared to a regular lightning strike. Can be cast on yourself.

Green gem: Killing an enemy with a green gem socketed increases the drop rates of all items in an enemies' loot pool. Enemies with 100% chances to drop certain items will drop twice as many of said drops. Will only work if at least 50% of the damage was dealt by the trident (hopefully to make landing the last hit with it not needed, and so you cant just use a hambat and get the last hit with the trident to preserve the green gem). Right clicking an enemy will deconstruct them instantly killing them, but destroying a portion of the items in the process. Can't be used on bosses, except the celestial champion, who will be deconstructed into the lunar altar pieces, but not dropping the lunar crown. Can also be used to remove lunar altars after they've been socketed.

Orange gem: Passively increases your speed by 30% (walking cane is 25%). Organic enemies within a certain radius of you become sluggish, moving and attacking at a slower rate. Right clicking will summon a wormhole at a set location that can be despawned by right clicking it again. You can now summon another wormhole a will which will link up with the first wormhole and allow you to deposit items into it (think that one chest from hamlet). The wormhole will remain for 1 minute before disappearing.

Iridescent gem: Innately does more damage to shadow based creatures. During a full moon, if you are holding the socketed trident in your hand, hounds and werepigs will be attracted to your location. On hit, gain 1 sanity per hit. If used in combination with the lunar crown, the gestalts now home in on their target, and deal slightly increased damage. Right clicking is disabled until the celestial champion has been defeated at least once, at which point, you are able to call upon the moon to shoot a laser beam at whatever you desire, dealing immense damage.

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First, it needs to be cheaper. You need to mathematically see approximately 40 schools of fish in the open ocean (~13 schools for each gnarwhal horn) to even get this item. Imo, you really need to go out of your way to collect the materials for this item. 

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