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[Suggestion] Make the fur roll as good as the tent

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As it stands, the fur roll has the same health and sanity increase as the tent, but consumes twice as much hunger. I don't think this is necessary at all - Tents are already cheaper, taking the abundant & versatile silk instead of the bunny puffs you only get from bunnymen in the caves and only otherwise use to make more bunny hutches. Tents have twice as much durability, too.

I just think it'd be good if sleeping in the fur roll drained the same hunger as sleeping in a tent, so that the potential healing from it is just as good, and since there's a QoL update in beta right now I figure it's a good time to bring up this long-time pet peeve of mine.

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i wish theyd revisit a lot of old caves stuff like this in general, we're used to it all because its been in the game for so long, but i think about how the devs described the caves as feeling "periphery" and that "nobody liked it" when they were just added. fur rolls are kind of a good example when it comes to this since not only is their use a little underwhelming, but you have to fight bunnymen to get the bunny puffs for it, who are... just sort of annoying and wonky to deal with honestly. id like everything down there to get a bit of a rework with kleis more modern design, like the kind of good stuff theyve put into the post-ANR content

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