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[Suggestion] Provide ability to allow mod creators to create custom tips

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I think it would be very beneficial for Don't Starve Together's modding community if the ability to add custom hints were given to mod creators. It'll help mod creators to better convey to their subscribers on how to best utilize their mods or provide fun facts about their mod. This will allow mod creators to better flesh out their mods, encouraging them to think critically on how they want subscribers to use their mod, creating a better product.

(Post was previously in Suggestions and Feedback, but I felt that this suggestion wouldn't get enough attention that way, so I moved it here.)

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19 minutes ago, ScottHansen said:

We will be providing an API call to help with it.

Thank you so much!! I'll be sure to update my template (since I already released it on the workshop before going to the forums, oops) as soon as that API releases.

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