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Trying to connect a Shard fails

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I'm trying to setup a 4th shard to my servercluster, but it just fails so sync with the master and I don't know why.

The only notable line that I found in the logs is:

 Error deserializing lua state for entity shard_network[100033] var:voterdirty - Failed to read net var data

I attached the logfile, maybe someone knows what this is


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Never heard of or seen this error. The only thing that I could imagine is that it's related to the "dirty" state, which in programming terms means that something is either not saved, or out of whack/sync or something. In this case the latter could be the case, since it also mentions "squelcheddirty", "clockdirty", "voterdirty", "sinkholesdirty", etc. These all point towards the possibility that something doesn't quite sync up between your Master shard and your shard 4.

My idea would be to delete all shard 4 data (make a backup first) and set it up fresh. Maybe there's something in there like a missing/wrong symbol in the config files, or some sort of error in the world gen, that causes the shard to be out of whack compared to the master shard.

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