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Building a Wood Fence or Wood Gate next to another fence, gate, or wall can crash your game.

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I tried placing a Wood Fence next to an existing Wood Fence in the world I’m currently playing.  This crashed the game, as I immediately received the error screen shown in the attachments below.




* Hardware:  iPad gen 6 with iOS 14.8.1

* Software:  Don’t Starve:  Pocket Edition+ (Apple Arcade) version 1.0.3

* Game Mode:  Classic

* Reign of Giants:  Off

* Character:  Wilson

* World:  Default preset




This issue appears to occur whenever the user attempts to build either a Wood Fence OR a Wood Gate “next to” any of the following structures that were previously built:


* a Wood Fence

* a Wood Gate

* any Wall (Hay, Wood, or Stone)


By “next to”, I mean within a distance close enough to trigger the bug.  Placing a Wood Fence or Wood Gate more than 1 image width apart doesn’t appear to trigger it.




This appears to be an easily reproducible bug.  I started a new game with the same configuration listed above, tested several combinations of structures, and could predictably reproduce it (see attachments).  


Also, the interface commands to build a Wood Fence or Wood Gate are named "Build Wall"; a minor but inaccurate detail.


Klei, this is basic game functionality — not trying to do anything unusual here, just trying to make use of structures that are unlocked early in the game.   This really should have been tested before release.  Please give this some attention soon.


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This issue may be related to what appears to be similar issues reported by other players.  Refer to the following threads in Klei’s forums:











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