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New Python calculator onicalc

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Hey all come check out my new project OniCalc!

OniCalc is a Python library of various calculators for ONI. I just released the first calculator, foodcalc.

Foodcalc is a colony food calculator for figuring out raw resources required for any number of dupes. All foods are included from the base game and currently there is beta support for Spaced Out! foods.


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may be it is good for you as experience in development and deploying package to pypi repository,

but why I need to use it, if I have this - https://oni-assistant.com/tools/foodcalculator

For me, as a user:


oni-assistant - modern browser

onicalc - python

requirements to view results:

oni-assistant - open URL in browser, keep my eyes open

onicalc - write program in python


oni-assistant - UI with pictures and text

onicalc - json representation

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I use oni-assistant all the time, it's a great tool. I was inspired to make onicalc because currently oni-assistant doesn't support foods from Spaced Out!

Additionally a Python program can allow for more complicated calculations than a GUI tool.

Use whichever tool you like best. I made onicalc because I would use it. I shared it in case anybody else would like to use it as well.

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