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How to add a Caves Server to a Hosted Dedicated Server?

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Hello Guys!

My friend and I are currently playing DST on a hosted dedicated server on Agilahost which I think works a bit like the dedicated servers on Nodecraft. Right now we want to get into caves but sinkholes all around the world are plugged. I checked the in game files on the dedicated server and there are already cave files there but I think the server we're renting only has presets for setting up a server with the overworld (see below) . When we brought it up with Agila host support, they would be willing to install one provided that they be given instructions on how to do so (see below) . If I can fix it without resulting to their support that would be great to. Can someone help me put caves in our world or at least set up a server for caves that can be done through the hosted server.


Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.





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What kind of managed gameserver hosting company asks for a guide on basic gameserver setups of gameservers they are offering?? :wilsondisapproving:

Regardless, for those two servers to connect you can either just take the preconfigured template from here (paragraph 3)

or you can manually configure the following options in the cluster and/or server.ini:


    Overridable in server.ini
    Default: none
    Required: If shard_enabled = true and is_master = false
    This is the I.P. address that a non-master shard will use when trying to connect to the master shard. If all servers in a cluster are on the same machine, set this to


    Overridable in server.ini
    Default: 10888
    This is UDP port that the master server will listen on, and that a non-master shard will use when trying to connect to the master shard. This should be set to the same value for all shards by having a single entry in cluster.ini, or omitted completely to use the default. This must be different from the server_port setting on any shard that is running on the same machine as the master shard.


    Overridable in server.ini
    Default: none
    Required if shard_enabled = true
    This is a password used to authenticate a slave server to the master. If you are running servers on different machines that need to connect to each other, this value must be the same on each machine. For servers running on the same machine, you can just set this once in cluster.ini.
    Must match in each cluster.ini (See NOTES)


Furthermore make sure that the worldgenoverride.lua in the caves folder contains the following on world generation (Otherwise you'd get two overworlds that connect to eachother):

return {
    override_enabled = true,
    settings_preset = "DST_CAVE",
    worldgen_preset = "DST_CAVE",

Considering that the file already exists, I'd assume it's already in there, but I'm posting this just in case.


If these settings are configured correctly, and both servers/shards are started, they should connect and the sinkholes should open up.

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