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Wx Refresh idea

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Here’s an idea I thought up to refresh Wx! 

WX Rework idea 

Base stats

200 Sanity

150 health

150 Hunger

Wx now has a new meter, a battery meter. Base Wx has 100 battery. When Wx has 60+ battery, He hits harder, Has less hunger drain, and Walks a bit faster. When Wx has 30 and under battery, he moves slower, he takes more damage, he hits less harder, and has more hunter drain. He refills this meter by eating Gold and Nitre. Each Gold eaten refills the meter by 50, while Nitre refills it by 20. Your battery drains as fast as Wandas aging. 

Wx has a new crafting tab, and his inventory has 3 new slots above the hat, weapon, and body slots. Wx’s new crafting tab has 5 new items. Each new item can only be equipped in one of the 3 new slots. Each item requires 10 gears and  another item to make. 

New items,

Hook hand-

Let’s you shoot out your hand like a rocket every 10 seconds, then comes back to you. It can be used to break rocks and trees, but can also be used on enemy’s. When it hits a target, it deals a total of 50 damage. Items required to make this are 10 gears and 1 rope. To use this, you simply right click in the direction you want to shoot. You can only use this if you don’t have any other items equipped that require a right click. 

Firefly Eyes- 

Changes your eyes to where they shoot out a cone of light in front of you, and a short circle of light around you. These eyes can be toggled by right clicking the slot where you equip it. While these eyes are toggled on, you take more battery drain from it (about 1 per 3 seconds) items required- 10 gears and 2 fireflies

Chest storage-

Modifies your chest to where you have 9 extra slots of inventory space. You open this storage by right clicking the item in its slot. This can be worn along side a backpack or any other storage options. Items required- 10 gears and a backpack

Mandrake plating- 

Adds extra plates to your body from mandrake skin, which gives you 100 extra health. It also gives you 20% damage reduction. While you wear this modification, you drain battery faster. Items required- 10 gears and 4 mandrakes 

Built in heater-

Adds a heater to your body, which gives yourself and everyone who stands around you more insulation and a sanity boost of about 3 per second. This can be toggled on and off similar to Firefly eyes, but when toggled, you drain Battery way faster ( about 5 per 10 seconds. ) items required- 10 gears and a Thermal stone.

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Very cool ideas!

I especially like Hook Hand and Firefly Eyes! Perhaps your ideas are even better than what I proposed a few weeks ago.

However, I don't like the idea of giving the WX78 some sort of battery. I understand that he is a robot, but making him stronger when he has more than half his battery ... It sounds a bit like old Wolwgang to me (more food = more strength)

How about something like this: The battery determines how many upgrades you can add to the WX? Let's say Hook Hand would take 15 batteries, Firefly Eyes 25, and so on (these are just examples to illustrate my thoughts). The WX would have, say, 100 battery units, and you can add as many upgrades as your battery lasts.

At the same time, I will do a "Hamburg ad" and provide a link to my post about changes to our favorite robot, maybe there are a few things we agree on?

My post about WX78 rework:

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