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I developed a Mod Manager for DST Dedicated servers.

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Hello there, I am very new to these forums! 

As the title states, I've developed a mod manager for DST dedicated servers. Why? Because going through the lengthy process of subscribing to a mod, starting DST, configuring the mod, starting a server with the mod, copying the modoverrides.lua to two separate directories in my remote server, then configuring my dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua with the correct formatting with the mod ID is all very hassle full (You do this EVERY time you want to add a mod!). 
This is not only time consuming, but confusing to someone who has no idea how this works already.

With the mod manager I've developed over on GitHub, all you have to do is paste the mod steam workshop ID from the mod's URL into the program, and boom. Installed. Zero more setup required.

The mod manager is capable of adding, removing, automatically generating settings and configuring those settings of any and all mods. All within the program.

It is written in Python and is an 'All in One' file. Meaning all you need is that one file (It is a .py file, meaning you still need python(3!) installed). It is incredibly noob friendly, and will assist you in setting up and using the program.

Current state of the program is 'Beta' - as in pre-release. It is completely and fully functional however. What this means is more features are coming, along with more stability and ease of use. Why is this being published before its proven perfect? Because I am looking for feedback and testing! Report any issues or shortcomings you may have, and it will be resolved.

Naturally the project is open source on GitHub to view/download/use/modify.
Thanks for your time!~

bandicam 2022-01-23 18-37-20-174.jpg

bandicam 2022-01-23 18-37-30-421.jpg

bandicam 2022-01-23 18-37-52-411.jpg

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Hi everything is working fine but that was few minutes ago. I don't remember what I just did that led to it not working properly, hopefully in the future it will support workshop collection and download from the workshop, the download from dedicated is often missing mods

Screenshot 2022-03-25 125123.jpg

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I still see mods/modsettings.lua in DST version 506376 with this text:


-- Use the "ForceEnableMod" function when developing a mod. This will cause the
-- game to load the mod every time no matter what, saving you the trouble of
-- re-enabling it from the main menu.
-- Note! You shout NOT do this for normal mod loading. Please use the Mods menu
-- from the main screen instead.


-- Use "EnableModDebugPrint()" to show extra information during startup.


-- Use "EnableModError()" to make the game more strict and crash on bad mod practices.


-- Use "DisableModDisabling()" to make the game stop disabling your mods when the game crashes


-- Use "DisableLocalModWarning()" to make the game stop warning you when enabling local mods.


I still see mods/dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua in DST version 506376 with this text:


--There are two functions that will install mods, ServerModSetup and ServerModCollectionSetup. Put the calls to the functions in this file and they will be executed on boot.

--ServerModSetup takes a string of a specific mod's Workshop id. It will download and install the mod to your mod directory on boot.
    --The Workshop id can be found at the end of the url to the mod's Workshop page.
    --Example: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=350811795

--ServerModCollectionSetup takes a string of a specific mod's Workshop id. It will download all the mods in the collection and install them to the mod directory on boot.
    --The Workshop id can be found at the end of the url to the collection's Workshop page.
    --Example: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=379114180

I don't know if modoverride.lua is still relevant... I can't find nearly any info about modoverride.lua other than this topic:


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