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  1. I still see mods/modsettings.lua in DST version 506376 with this text: I still see mods/dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua in DST version 506376 with this text: I don't know if modoverride.lua is still relevant... I can't find nearly any info about modoverride.lua other than this topic:
  2. @Zenzerker, I see no support for Steam collections...[0]=server_admin&created_date_range_filter_start=0&created_date_range_filter_end=0&updated_date_range_filter_start=0&updated_date_range_filter_end=0&actualsort=trend&p=1&days=-1[0]=all_clients_require_mod&created_date_range_filter_start=0&created_date_range_filter_end=0&updated_date_range_filter_start=0&updated_date_range_filter_end=0&actualsort=trend&p=1&days=-1[0]=server_only_mod&created_date_range_filter_start=0&created_date_range_filter_end=0&updated_date_range_filter_start=0&updated_date_range_filter_end=0&actualsort=trend&p=1&days=-1
  3. I can't find how to add mods or Steam collections in the first post of this thread... I see nothing about modoverrides.lua either...
  4. @JohnFrancis can you update your sheet and include 12100F resuts?
  5. I think even some spawn protection is better than nothing.
  6. Try to avoid all situations like this.
  7. Improve consistency between c_gonext("prefab") and c_countprefabs("prefab"). Make them count all items but not all stacks or mix of stacks and items. DST version 481207. Steam.
  8. Set piece have Carpeted Flooring but that doesn't help situation.
  9. I just had a world where a Moleworm ate 2 grears near 2 Knights (set piece).
  10. This should be a new setting. Because Wes players can bait hounds with this. Difficult hounds should attack slowest players with least HP. Medium hounds should attack random players. Easy hounds should attack Wes first.