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  1. Set piece have Carpeted Flooring but that doesn't help situation.
  2. @Hjoyn Is there any way to build it smaller without losing efficiency?
  3. Check Bugs from Content Type. Select respective game in Categories. After user finishes Title and Description of a bug: Use Title from draft as search string. Use first words from Description from draft as additional search sting. Show search results before submission button. Show search results close to Description field.
  4. I just had a world where a Moleworm ate 2 grears near 2 Knights (set piece).
  5. Most forums restrict them and you should too. It is very difficult to read your forums with such messages... Use built-in reactions system The only exception to make is for developers when they confirm or deny something as post (so that we can get a notification).
  6. This should be a new setting. Because Wes players can bait hounds with this. Difficult hounds should attack slowest players with least HP. Medium hounds should attack random players. Easy hounds should attack Wes first.