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Suggestion: Progression between games, like rogue like

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Hello, I think it would be a good idea for increase the replayability is add a system like rogue like. Something like the System implemented in "Sortest Trip to earth", but adapted to ONI.

As you play, you get points that at the end of the game, are used to unlock small improvements at the beginning of the next run.
It could be something very basic like starting materials, or a more elaborate system, which could be improved starting duplicates: extra attributes, skill points, traits, special traits, etc.
For example, there could be DNA chains hidden in the asteroids and in space, which, after delivering them to your base, would unlock the indicated points to be able to improve your future duplis.
I believe that it is not particularly difficult to program, and that well designed, it would not break the balance of the game either. It might make things easier at first, but a lot of people who aren't very good at the game would appreciate some progression between games, and those who don't want to use it can always ignore this feature.

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Nice idea. 

They could use temporal tear for that - for example you could start next game with duplicants that were cosumed by it. This way you could stack all good traits (including the ones from neuro-V building) on one dupe to make super start next time.

Any more complex ideas would be nice as well, but I feel that saving one dupe is simple enough not to consume dev's months of work

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