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More UI Options Between Alt+S and Default Please

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I'd love to be able to have the bright edges of the screen that Alt+S has with a normal UI for normal play. Make that darkening overlay image a checkbox in the graphical options.

An alternate to Alt+S would also be nice.  A screenshot mode where it looks like Alt+S but you can click on things and actually have the info window pop up but the rest of the UI and darkening are not present.  Perhaps this alternate mode would allow for it's own separate UI sizing to allow players to make better screenshots even easier. Alt+D for the definitive screenshot. ;D

My main gripe is that darkening overlay image really.  It's too dark when I put ONI up on the second monitor to test something, but in Alt+S mode I can't just mouseover and click on something to check it's status without leaving Alt+S.

Okay, I'll see myself out now.  First world problems.

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