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Remove disable all mods on crash / Enable favorited mods all at once

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This has driven me mad when I have to enable all the mods one by one just because the game thinks it crashed. From my experience there is no crash related to mods, most of the time when I load into a game, it just stuck in infinite loading so I had to close it forcefully. When I rerun the game treats it like a crash then proceed to disable all the mods. Then again if there is a crash related to mods, one can test the mod one by one to find which one is the root cause, disabling, and avoiding it.

One feature that i'd like to be added is the ability to enable favorited mods all at once by a single click of a button. Why favorited? favorited mods mean the mods are trusted by user and have been tested without issue which lead to crashing. This might help with the hassle of enabling mods one by one all over again.

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