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Help - Edit Mode (How to Quick Dry Bull Kelp)

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Unfortunately you'll need to know LUA to do anything with the code, if you really don't want to learn it you probably won't be able to add something like that.

If you do wanna learn though, this is the awesome post to get started with that, it's how a lot of us here got our start.


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Seems like there's a new version of that mod :)

Editing actions is difficult to get right, unless you know what you're doing OR you have a mod that already has the foundation for doing it. If you don't know how to code at all, then the first thing I'd do in your place, is to ask the mod author if they can add the functionality for you, if it seems like it fits their mod perfectly, which could be the case here.

If they refuse, then you'd have to edit that person's mod or make your own, but then you can't use that mod in multiplayer unless you make the server (I'm assuming it's a server-side mod) or you publish the altered mod (but then you should at least try to seek permission from the current author(s) if you're going to republish their work).

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