Trade don't Starve key and a dota 2 key


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Yeah so i bought the game on steam and got a free copy i'm willing to trade it for a game thats about the same price (what would be around 6 bucks) also if you cant find a game in this category i also give a dota 2 key so you don't waste money so i would say the dota key is about 4 bucks so you can trade me a game for 10 bucks (if somewone also want it i have some team fortress stuff you can have if you dont want the dota key mostly scrap and some weps because i dont play that much Team fortress so i can give some stuff away) (because of some wierd ass stuff it wont use my realy accountname :/)

Maybe you want to look on my wishlist im more willing to give the keys away for a game i would also like :3

I hope someone is intrested and to all have a nice day :D

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