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[Simple Mod Request] Woby hunger meter

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This is not me trying to be lazy or "force" someone to do work for me so I can just benefit off of it – I just think that this would be a useful mod for many people and I don't have the technical level of expertise with Lua to be able to create it myself.

It would be super helpful to have a simple mod that displays Woby's hunger level. (Either when you hover over her or just shown at all times.) This could be as a meter that runs down from right to left, or even a number that shows "X/50" would suffice.

I have not found any mod on the Steam Workshop that does this. I'm not looking for a mod that adds any other fancy clutter or stats about other things. Just a simple Woby hunger meter for someone who also feels it would be useful and is excited to build it. :)

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On 2/27/2022 at 12:25 AM, penguin0616 said:

If you use the Insight mod, it will show you Woby's hunger level when you hover over her. 

Is that a new addition? Becuase I had your mod installed just last month for the express purpose of trying to see Woby's hunger (I had seen it recommended here) but the hunger value did not show up when hovering over Woby.

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