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Does anyone know how to export don't starve animations?

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I've been trying to figure out how to do it,  someone suggested me ktools before, i tried it, but windows says it doesn't notice as an exe, batch, etc. fil. Does anyone here know how to do it? Since I've  been trying to play around with Willow's anims and maybe try swapping them (if that's possible)

so far i tried to do willow and player_emotes_dance0 and a few others (the names in the files)

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Disclaimer: This program has never been perfect and there might be a more up to date version, but I can say that this setup at least mostly works.

Run the batch file labeled SCMLEXTRACTOR.bat.
This will take the contents of the 'input' folder, and create a Spriter project in an 'output' folder.
I included in the default input folder files that will result in a project for Willow's player_emotes_dance0.


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