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Pinging sound when picking up items

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When you play the game for a long period of time, the sound where you pick up items or complete actions gets really annoying ( I forget exactly what actions at the moment but it’s everywhere in the game). It is driving me insane in real life, so I know others must feel the same. I’m at a point in my life where I am not dealing with stupid stuff like that anymore so I won’t be playing the game from now on.  Which is super unfortunate since I have like 1500 hours in this game and love it to death. I have in the past just muted my computers sound while doing laborious chores that play the pinging sound constantly (picking grass/twigs, picking vegetables from farming, etc). 

I absolutely love and support klei as a developer but am amazed there is not an option yet to disable that high pitched pinging sound. Just the normal clicking sound (when you move items around in your inventory) would be sooo much better. 

I don’t know if anyone will see this or will even care, but I have looked through the mods and haven’t found anything to deal with this noise. Also I am coding illiterate as are most players…


I’ll pray that eventually there is an option for people like me!


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That pinging sound is a notification that you’ve picked up enough of a particular resource to craft a recipe that without whatever you just picked up you wouldn’t be able to make, it is to remind you when you pick up one tiny flower in the middle of Summer and your thermal stone is at 13% that you can get by just fine with a WhirlyFan long enough to get another thermal stone.

OR it’s to remind you when you have 8 Silk and then pick up 2 Hounds Teeth: DUH I forgot I can repair that thermal stone using a sewing kit.

this sound may be annoying to you: But it’s helpful to people who don’t memorize crafting recipes they can make to survive with.

My advice is to probably just request an option to “mute” the sound it makes when you gather enough resources to make something.

Or find a mod that does it for you.

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