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Recovering the past 2 days on a server

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Hello umm idk if my server is really dedicated because i didnt do any kinds of external setup to make it "dedicated" like on youtube tutorials but it says that my server is. So as i was playing, the game stopped and an error message showed saying dedicated server failed and it returned me to the main menu. After trying to open the server again, the same error message popped up and closed the game entirely. It happened before and it was resolved by trying again after the relaunch of the game or the restart of the pc. But this time it didn't work and looking at the rollback section, it became empty (the past few days were gone except for the same day i tried starting the server, the days is 275 and a single day 275 slot is in the rollback section. is there any way to recover or rollback the days outside of the dedicated server (not in-game using console commands). oh and i also turned off mods, both client and server. i also tried playing the game in 32bit, expecting it has something to do with that.

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Just as a small clarification: What you are using is the client/player hosted server, not the dedicated server itself.

However, inside the client there is a small dedicated server running that get's mentioned in the error message.

My only idea to recover here would be to try checking out the seve file location and, if available delete the latest save point, as it might be corrupt. (Do make a backup of the save before though!)

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They are located in

<Documents>\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\Cluster_<whatever cluster number this is>\Master\save\session\

In this folder there are a bunch of Files that look like this:


The latest ones are the ones with the highest number, in this case 0000000029, so I'd delete 0000000029 and 0000000029.meta.

Alternatively check if some of those files are 0kb, those are borked regardless, so delete those.

I'd highly recommend to copy the entire "Cluster_x" folder somewhere else first though, just in case something breaks, so you can revert the changes.

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I copied the cluster folder and the DoNotStarveTogether folder before I found the file and it only has two .meta files, I tried deleting the one with the higher number just like you said and it still failed. Shame it got corrupted for no reason. I made a backup folder of the world on its 100 or 125th day in case something happens and ig I will start again from that point. Thanks man for helping on resolving my issue, have a happy holiday season!

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