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Need help creating a rework at Wickerbottom

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Recently I decided to make a rework, the main change of which will be the ability to take the book in hand and choose the area of the spell.

but faced a problem, other players cannot see this circle. That is, the host can easily press the right button and choose where to apply the spell, while other players apply the spell where the button was pressed without the right to choose. I've used the available "aoetargeting" and it works great in solo play.

        inst.components.aoetargeting.reticule.reticuleprefab = def.reticule
        inst.components.aoetargeting.reticule.pingprefab = def.reticule.."ping"
        inst.components.aoetargeting.reticule.targetfn = ReticuleTargetFn
        inst.components.aoetargeting.reticule.validcolour = { 1, .75, 0, 1 }
        inst.components.aoetargeting.reticule.invalidcolour = { .5, 0, 0, 1 }
        inst.components.aoetargeting.reticule.ease = true
        inst.components.aoetargeting.reticule.mouseenabled = true


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