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Adding my own character ingredients

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I'd like to add my own character ingredients to my mod. By this I mean non-item ingredients, an example being how the Tell-tale Heart, (aka reviver) costs 40 health to craft.

I was thinking I would need to modify the builder component via AddComponentPostInit but I wasn't sure if there was an easier way or not.

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I am pretty sure you just need to add character ingredient to the constants.lua

    --NOTE: Value is used as key for NAME string and inventory image
    HEALTH = "decrease_health",
    MAX_HEALTH = "half_health",
    SANITY = "decrease_sanity",
    MAX_SANITY = "half_sanity",
	OLDAGE = "decrease_oldage",

Then the builder component needs its RemoveIngredients and HasCharacterIngredient functions updated by appending to it. Which can be done using your addcomponentpostinit

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