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Some thoughts about exploration and colonization

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  • Please give every planetoid enough space such that you can build a rocket platform on the surface, without needing to dig down. The ceiling is arbitrary anyway, and it feels rather bad to build a platform and then find you can't actually land your rocket there. There should be enough headroom to land even large rockets, and I doubt that a some more tiles of space vacuum are going to affect performance much.
  • I would love to see some guaranteed water on all the planetoids with lots of critters/plant life. My current cluster seems to have no renewable water outside of my home planet, and the ocean world right now, which really discourages colonization. For the oil planet this is no problem, since the teleporter can take care of the water, but for all the others my first reflex is 'How do I automate this so no dupes need to be here' instead of wanting to build a colony. Having renewable water would really encourage spreading out, since it gives a natural goal for sustainability.
  • A random thought I had was, what if Landers could also be used to return a duplicant to a waiting rocket? Now you would not be committed to build a landing platform to ever recover the dupe. This would encourage exploration, opening the possibility of sending a single dupe down to dig and raid the artefacts, instead of the stale and predictable 'send two landers, deconstruct and build a landing platform.' The orbital cargo drop module could also see some more use, since now you might delay building the landing platform.
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