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what I'm going to say now may go up a little ridiculous (maybe even too much)

well i love don't starve i have bought all the games / dlc's and i plan to buy all the skins not counting my 800+ hours of gameplay as it is really one of my favorite games. Recently some friends and I were thinking about trying something new because we were a little tired of certain things and we ended up coming to the conclusion that we wanted to create a server without hunger, yes, without hunger sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? but think with me wouldn't it be much more fun if this option existed? sometimes you just want to have lots of adventures without having to collect food and we saw that the developers added a new option to remove monsters from sanity so we thought ''why not? '' after all, as much as it is a game challenge, sometimes we want to have fun without this worry, so my friends and I decided to create a topic here and try to reach as many people as possible to make this wish come true and make developers add the option of removing hunger in the creation part of the world.

Note: there are no mods that do this

if you found the idea interesting and agree that you choose to add this option leave your like to reach the developers thanks for your attention ♥


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so it turns out… people have “Officially” been able to turn of starving to death before.

AND if wanting a harder challenge- Spawn into the world with an irreparable already reduced health core.

But for some reason- these features only exist in the MOBILE versions of the game and not in PC/Console.

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