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Long load time with many mods

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To be precise, this is a DS question. I've hardly experienced this in DST. But I'd like to post it here because there is hardly any life in the DS mod forum.

When you have more mods in DS, it ends up increasing your game load time substantially. I usually play with some 40 mods, and it would take about 5 minutes to load my game. When I disable all of my mods the loading time would decrease to about 30 seconds. What exactly is taking the extra time with more mods? I doubt that the mods actually have more code than the base game itself. And what can you do in your own mods to decrease this load time?

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The searching and loading of assets is a big time eater for loading up worlds. The searching part especially, as the game will search place after place after place (increasing with the amount of mods) to find things.
If you search for the phrase "custom loader" and work your way around from there you'll get an idea of how bad it can be.

Part of the March QoL update was Zarklord optimizing stuff like that which helped out a ton.

There's not much you can do about it from your own mods though.

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