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[SOLVED] Crockpot dish not inside crockpot.

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So, I'm making a mod that adds new crockpot dishes to the game. But whenever I cook up my dish in-game, it is not inside the crockpot!



Spriter file:


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Check to make sure your pivot point for the symbol is properly aligned. The pivot points can be dynamically changed in the animations but the base pivot point is found in the folder structure.

It looks like you still have the default pivot point of 0,0 which is in the top left corner of the .png

I'll attach a image later when I get online if you are still stuck.

In the upper right corner of your spriter file you can see your folder structure, double click on the image in the folder to bring up its pivot settings. Make sure they are more to the bottom center of your texture so it would look good in the crockpot.


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see above
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