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Game Server Suggestion

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As we all know, requirements to play DST is basically any potato level hardware run it smoothly with no problem. The main problem is, if that potato laptop is hosting the game server + playing DST at the same time. 

Ive found out the main reason of the lagging, im sure most of user with low - medium spec hardware have the same problem, is because we are hosting a server on our hardware, and playing the game at the same time. If we want to run both of this on a low - med spec hardware, thats definitely increase the 'total' game requirements right? 

Ive like a 6 years old laptop with 4gb ram and integrated gpu. Ive tried to join multiple server hosted by other people dedicated or not, Surprisingly in run super smooth, I even can watch twitch stream, with lag compensation turned off, and still run the game smoothly. Thats definitely prove the lag when I hosted the game myself, is not because of the Internet. 

I know this is not a small request. Hosting huge number of dedicated server may be hard for Klei. But im beg you guys can come with something to solve this issues. DST is a low spec game, but to host a server on our own device, its a pain for us low spec hardware user. I really loved the game and I hope I can still play it happily. 

Im sure you may think, why dont we just join servers hosted by other players? Im very sorry. Im talking about a group of friends, wanted to starve together privately, but none of us have a decent hardware. We just want to have fun. 

Lastly, a quick guide for Klei team if you want to consider looking on this issue. Take Left 4 Dead 2 for example. As I said my laptop is 6 years old. L4D2 is a fps, 3d game, and its run smoothly on my laptop with lowest setting. This is because valve host the multiplayer servers themselves. When we want to play, they quickly assign a server for us to play. I know to compare Valve and Klei is not a good thing. Of course valve have more resources to establish they dedicated server fields. But I really hope Klei could think of a solution for us low spec hardware users, to play DST happily. I really appreciate if Klei can have a look into this. 

Thank you. 

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