Pigs and Merms fight to take each other's houses and more.

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Hello, this text has been translated so you were notified, and that's it...

At first I think that Wurt is a freshwater creature, so it can't swim in the sea.
So I don't mind that.

I would like the Fisher Merms to be added to the game. When Wurt gave the king a specific item, he would give her a blueprint of them.


(I don't mean to be repetitive but I have to mention it)

Which is still a passive creature that fishes with you in the sea or ponds, but since he fishes with a trident, he considerably reduces the freshness of the fish like a poisoned spear, but they still live. (Maybe she doesn't like these methods).

Or maybe he should fish with a net?

You could go on feeding the king but instead of doing it with every chew.

She would prepare a feast of vegetarian recipes without there being repeated dishes she would place on the royal tapestry.


430681119_Mermking.png.0d1ed58342c700dcdf886e748f0a420a.pngDon't bother with the picture, I'm out of resources at the moment.

And the king would take a long time to eat it all, and afterward he would still take the time he now takes to starve to death.

But while he's chewing, it's not possible to switch with him.

About the war between pigs and mermaids, heads on stakes should scare them and vice versa, making them run in the opposite direction, every time.


(I know there are mods, but I have to mention this)

Wurt must also lose his sanity when he's close. And all survivors could put heads on stakes using a Prestihatitator.

I think it would be much nicer if the swamp expansion was not limited to grass.

As the original pig and mermaid houses are similar, you could take with you an army of pigs with "normal" survivors;

 Or an army of mermaids with Wurt and create a real war, the winner occupies the other's house and changes the type of mob that comes out of it.

The pigs repair Merm's regular houses into the pigs' houses.
And Merms destroy the pig houses to turn them into Merm houses.

Obviously the host pig must be killed to take your house, and this goes for the 4 merms as well.

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